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Business Lending

business lending South Africa

It is no secret that it has become harder and harder to get a small business loan from a bank. Renablist recognizes challenges faced by SMEs in raising funding from traditional sources.

We proactively formed partnerships with established public and private sector financial institutions to structure suitable lending packages to suit SMEs at different levels of their development life cycle.

Renablist and its partners offer the following financial solutions to SMEs:


UP TO R250,000
micro finance in South Africa

Micro lending up to R250,000 suitable for small and micro enterprises

Small Enterprise

UP TO R1,000,000
Small enterprise lending South Africa

Small Enterprise lending up to R1,000,000 suitable for small enterprises.


UP TO R5,000,000
Medium enterprise finance South Africa

Medium Enterprises lending up to R5,000,000 suitable for medium enterprises.

Corporate Finance

OVER R5,000,000
corporate finance South Africa

Corporate Finance over R5,000,000 suitable for large corporate enterprises.